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Are you looking for more information about them? The colony Doenhof has had a few different names (and many different spellings). If you come across any of the following names, it’s very likely that the information on this site can help you: Alt-Dönhof, Alt-Gololobowka, Denhoff, Doenhof, Dönhof, Dönnhof, Gololobovka, Gololobowka, and Vysokoye. We have chosen to use the spelling Doenhof on this site, but the original German spelling was Dönhof. Settlers from Doenhof settled other colonies as well. These are called daughter colonies. You can find information on the daughter colonies of Rosenberg, Unterdorf, Gnadenfeld, and Neu-Doenhof on this site as well.

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Additional information can be found at the following sites:

AHSGR—American Historical Society of Germans from Russia
CVGS—Center for Volga German Studies
VGI—Volga German Institute

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